UK cinemagoers vote for their favourite onscreen animals

By House PR – Entertainment PR London

To promote the upcoming release in July of the new film, The Secret Life of Pets, House PR and Empire Cinemas have organised exclusive research among cinemagoers about their choice of their favourite movie animals.

The Secret Life of Pets is an animated feature film that describes what our beloved pets get up to when they’re left to their own devices once we head out the door at the beginning of our working days.

Empire Cinemas is one of the UK’s biggest cinema chains and in collaboration with House PR, its research into cinemagoers’ choice of favourite movie animal reveals that the Donkey in the Shrek films, which was voiced by superstar Eddie Murphy, came out tops with an approval rating of 27%.

In second place, 22% of cinemagoers looked to the movie hit The Lion King and voted for Simba. Here though, preferences were obvious divided around the age of cinemagoers: in the 18-24 bracket, Simba attracted a third of votes, while for the over 50s, Lassie attracted just under 30% of votes.

The dopey character Dory from the films Finding Nemo and the soon to be released Finding Dory came in third position and the global appeal of the recent remake of The Jungle Book reminded moviegoers of how much they loved the character Baloo bear, the latter attracting 20% of votes cast.

The research also pointed to the fact that voting choices were split along gender lines. 50% more women said they loved the Winnie the Pooh character Eeyore and more than twice as many women were totally taken by the pet pooch Marley from the movie hit Marley and Me.

Jon Nutton is Empire Cinemas’ Marketing Director. He says animals make for some of the very best movie characters thanks to their enduring appeal. Moreover, this appeal reaches across the wide technological spectrum of cinema – from animated features such as The Lion King and The Jungle Book to real-life animals in movie hits such as Homeward Bound. He believes that this reflects humanity’s unique historic relationship with their domestic animals.

The Secret Life of Pets is an animated co-production between Universal Studios and Illumination Entertainment and stars the voices of comic stars Kevin Hart, Louis CK and Eric Stonestreet.

The Secret Life of Pets is the fifth movie collaboration of the two companies and features as director Chris Renaud, who directed Despicable Me and its sequel, Despicable Me 2.