Disaronno cocktails take centrestage at House PR Shoreditch summer party

By House PR – www.housepr.com
On the UK’s hottest day this July, House PR teamed up with some of the biggest names on Instagram to promote Disaronno and Disaronno Sour for the #DisaronnoSourHour launch party at the hip Ace Hotel in east London’s Shoreditch.
The hugely successful #DisaronnoSourHour launch party on Tuesday 19 July could be put down to three key elements – the drinks, the décor and surroundings, and the fabulous invite-only attendees and Instagram influencers.
On the drinks front, the #DisaronnoSourHour party was a chance for organisers to showcase three fabulous cocktails for hot weather evenings:
The Blue Sapphire Sour – a subtle blend of Disaronnon, lemon juice, prosecco and blue curacao;
The Hot Beach Sour – a warm weather mix of chili liqueur, Disaronno, coconut water and the juice of fresh limes and pineapples;
And lastly the sugar syrup and lemon-juice based Disaronno Sour.
The second crucial ingredient of the #DisaronnoSourHour party was the décor and surroundings. On the rooftop terrace of the Ace Hotel, the partygoers enjoyed wonderful, candle-lit views of London by night, with the fabulous DJ Maya Jama who entertained all with this summer’s favourite music.
The final and most important element however were the people. Thanks to House PR and bloggers and key Instagram influencers, such as Patricia Bright, Eleanor Calder and Danielle Peazer, posts with the hashtag #DisaronnoSourHour numbered just under 7 million, supported by other journalists from media outlets that included Standard Online, Closer and The Telegraph.
The blogger Chloe Miles said to the organisers of the #DisaronnoSourHour party that she thought it was one of her favourite parties in some time, highlighting in particular the great venue. Also, fellow blogger Danielle Peazer hailed the evening as ‘a great night’, loved the venue and was extremely pleased with the response of the photo she posted.
All in all, thanks to the work of House PR, on Instagram and Twitter the hashtag #DisaronnoSourHour achieved almost a thousand posts and connected with millions of potential customers.


House PR-OpenTable research: UK restaurant diners ‘Go Dutch’ to avoid appearing stingy

By House PR – brand communications PR london

According to research by a major online restaurant booking firm and the PR agency House PR, an astonishing third of all restaurant diners in the UK opt for splitting the bill evenly at the end of their meal with the rest of their table because they fear looking stingy if they don’t.

OpenTable and House PR say that a study into dining habits reveals that 38% of UK restaurant customers agree to “Go Dutch” because there are more concerned with how not doing so will make them look in the eyes of the people they eat with than with the extra costs they incur.

And the costs are significant: just under £9 per meal, or a breathtaking £33,000 over a lifetime, enough to put down as a downpayment for an average UK property.

These findings about restaurant diners’ concern about they are perceived by their fellow diners received widespread online media coverage, including in the online editions of the UK’s leading redtops – The Sun and The Daily Mirror.

The study also indicated that the practice of “Going Dutch” was very prevalent, with over 65% of restaurant diners in the UK going for this option when their bill arrives.

For 58% of subjects in the research, the main reason is convenience and almost a third of restaurants say that they go out their way to facilitate this choice of payment.

Of those diners who don’t “Go Dutch”, the main reasons cited were not wanting to pay for fellow diners who order more than the average spend on alcoholic drinks (54%) or on food (49%). And 27% said they eschewed splitting the bill evenly when they weren’t eating with very good friends.

Surprisingly, there are other losers when restaurant diners “Go Dutch”: waiting staff receive much smaller tips. 23% of customers say they leave smaller gratuities when their table “Goes Dutch”, a figure confirmed by nearly half all restaurants in the research.

OpenTable Europe’s Adrian Valeriano admits that despite the convenience of “Going Dutch”, in fact both a significant number of customers and restaurants are worse off because of this practice. He confirms that restaurants are noting that tables that “Go Dutch” tip less.

UK cinemagoers vote for their favourite onscreen animals

By House PR – Entertainment PR London

To promote the upcoming release in July of the new film, The Secret Life of Pets, House PR and Empire Cinemas have organised exclusive research among cinemagoers about their choice of their favourite movie animals.

The Secret Life of Pets is an animated feature film that describes what our beloved pets get up to when they’re left to their own devices once we head out the door at the beginning of our working days.

Empire Cinemas is one of the UK’s biggest cinema chains and in collaboration with House PR, its research into cinemagoers’ choice of favourite movie animal reveals that the Donkey in the Shrek films, which was voiced by superstar Eddie Murphy, came out tops with an approval rating of 27%.

In second place, 22% of cinemagoers looked to the movie hit The Lion King and voted for Simba. Here though, preferences were obvious divided around the age of cinemagoers: in the 18-24 bracket, Simba attracted a third of votes, while for the over 50s, Lassie attracted just under 30% of votes.

The dopey character Dory from the films Finding Nemo and the soon to be released Finding Dory came in third position and the global appeal of the recent remake of The Jungle Book reminded moviegoers of how much they loved the character Baloo bear, the latter attracting 20% of votes cast.

The research also pointed to the fact that voting choices were split along gender lines. 50% more women said they loved the Winnie the Pooh character Eeyore and more than twice as many women were totally taken by the pet pooch Marley from the movie hit Marley and Me.

Jon Nutton is Empire Cinemas’ Marketing Director. He says animals make for some of the very best movie characters thanks to their enduring appeal. Moreover, this appeal reaches across the wide technological spectrum of cinema – from animated features such as The Lion King and The Jungle Book to real-life animals in movie hits such as Homeward Bound. He believes that this reflects humanity’s unique historic relationship with their domestic animals.

The Secret Life of Pets is an animated co-production between Universal Studios and Illumination Entertainment and stars the voices of comic stars Kevin Hart, Louis CK and Eric Stonestreet.

The Secret Life of Pets is the fifth movie collaboration of the two companies and features as director Chris Renaud, who directed Despicable Me and its sequel, Despicable Me 2.

Restaurant review: Dishoom Carnaby

Review by Ginny Paton


  • Venue: Dishoom, Carnaby, 22 Kingly Street, London W1B 5QP
  • Cost: £100 for two excluding wine
  • Food: 10/10
  • Service: 7/10
  • Ease of booking table: 10/10
  • Overall: 9/10

House PR MD Ginny Paton marks out this new Indian venue in central London as one of her new favourite places for taking clients to

Entering Dishoom’s Bombay-style café in central London’s Carnaby Street is a bit like suddenly finding yourself in one of India’s famed spice markets, one’s senses overwhelmed by a complex collection of exotic fragrances.

The venue is in fact the fourth in the restaurant’s chain in London and plans are afoot to expand UK-wide.

The philosophy of the brand dates back to when Zoroastrian migrants from Persia settled in India and there created a uniquely democratic type of eaterie where all were welcome, from cab drivers to business moguls.

Dishoom-20160608105628346The Carnaby Street branch is decorated with many reminders of the strong links between India and the British capital stretching back centuries.

We were somewhat taken aback when our waiter took our order of 10+ dishes without writing any of it down. Was he some kind of memory genius? Unsurprisingly he came back, pad in hand 5 minutes later, and asked us to repeat what we wanted. Would we also be underwhelmed by the food?

An emphatic no. We were blown away, not only by the succulent dishes, but also with the theatrical high drama every time each was brought to our table.

I highly recommend a heavily spiced chickpea dish called Chloe Bhatura and French fries made from okra. And the Pau bhajis were an absolute delight, so far removed from the bland supermarket kind I felt I was eating them in an Indian street market.

Overall, Dishoom Carnaby would push all the right buttons for clients and personally I can’t wait for a return visit so I can savour some of the other dishes of this venue’s amazing menu.

Well done, Dishoom!

Sailor Jerry tattoos make their mark on new Bottle Wraps

By House PR – PR Agency in London

April saw House PR remind the world of the unique origins of the classic American rum label, Sailor Jerry, with a set of limited edition bottle wraps.

Now a new dimension has been given to the legacy of the iconic American tattoo artist, who died in 1973, through replicas of his tattoos that decorate new company branded bottle wraps.

Over the year, four designs for the bottle warps will be launched in two stages. Last month, House PR organised a special preview for the UK press of the Homeward Bound Ship and Gypsy designs. Later this year, two other designs will be launched: the Pin-Up Girl and the American Eagle.

A spokesman for Sailor Jerry says that the reason for the new bottle wraps were twofold. Firstly, the company wants to remind us all of the very best of Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins’s astonishing artwork. Secondly, it wants to reward its loyal customer base with a unique range of limited edition collectables.

House PR succeeded in securing coverage for the new Sailor Jerry bottle wraps in various UK media outlets, national and regional, as well as the gay, music and trade press. News of the launch was also picked up by the radio station Rock FM.

House PR and Sailor Jerry foresee that the new range of Sailor Jerry matte black bottle wraps, that feature the iconic tattoos and will retail for approximately £20 each, will grace many of the country’s bars and liquor shelves.

High finance and the National Trust back new Countryfile Live event

By House PR

Investment management firm Quilter Cheviot and England’s National Trust are teaming up to support a new live event based on the BBC’s hugely successful TV show Countryfile, with House PR on hand to handle media enquiries and promotion.

Countryfile Live is banking on the enduring appeal of the TV show’s astonishing record breaking ratings – just under nine millions viewers in 2016. The event will bring together all the familiar features of the English countryside over an amazing four days this coming summer.

The venue for Countryfile Live will be the stunning grounds of stately home Blenheim Palace in southern England over the period 4th to 7th August this year.
Organisers are very keen for Countryfile Live to be a family event – and unlike other summer festivals in the UK – are actively encouraging visitors to come with their loved pet pooches to enjoy the fun.

At the launch of event, journalists from all of the major national and regional dailies were invited to an extended Q&A session organised by the House PR team with all of the presenters of Countryfile, including BBC veteran John Craven.
He and the other presenters smilingly posed on top of a huge specially constructed three-metre high haystack.bbc-countryfile-live

Countryfile Live organisers are aiming to bring together the very best of the English countryside with exclusive added extras – the country’s largest ever pub garden and an authentic village green. Their bid is that Countryfile Live becomes a permanent fixture of the UK’s summer festival calendar.

At the launch event, photographers captured Matt Baker playing with the cutest little lambs and Adam Henson trying to catch the speediest of hens.
Everyone involved is crossing their fingers that Countryfile Live will be blessed fine summer sunshine!

For more information visit www.countryfilelive.com

Remember the importance of career development – Ginny Paton

“Do you remember the worst place where you’ve ever worked?” asks Ginny Paton. Of course you do – and I bet the employers didn’t listen to you and didn’t give any thought to how to get the best out of you.

How did it leave those who worked there feeling? They were unmotivated, and eventually… they left.

There are places like this that you hear about in PR, where staff churn is high and the atmosphere is terrible. It gives our industry a bad name, but the truth is that such places rarely survive for long.

I’m sure you remember the best place you worked as well. They made you feel like you were more than a mere cog in the machine, that you were valued for your ideas and your unique point of view. That’s achieved with a decent career development.

If a PR agency doesn’t offer career development for their staff, then the work they will get out of them will be second rate. That’s why places like the ones that I mentioned at the start are gradually dying out – because they’re saddled with low standards of work from their employees.

Ginny Paton’s tips for contributing to the professional growth of PR people:

  1.  It’s the best thing that we can do to help young people to develop. We have to get better at giving our up and coming comms people the skills they need, in everything from strategic planning to crisis communications. Not to mention the growing technical skills of digital and SEO.
  1. We can’t simply leave our employees to continue to do what we’ve always expected of them – they will start to feel bored and will inevitably look elsewhere for the kind of opportunities that they crave.
  1. Flexible and remote working. Insisting on 100% attendance in the office is outmoded and doesn’t recognise the fact that people work best when given the opportunity to work in different environments. And we also need to recognise the importance of flexibility for young parents coming back to work.
  1. Talk to them. It’s a really important point, and can be easily forgotten. Talk to them about what they hope for the future, and provide guidance on how they can get there. And you shouldn’t hold this back for the annual appraisal – it needs to happen all the time.

Get all four right and you’ll get the best out of your staff.

It reminds me of when I started out in PR. There were certain bosses who gave me opportunities that I probably wasn’t quite ready for. Terrifying opportunities, but ones that helped me to learn, to prove myself and to build a degree of self-confidence that made me think that one day I could run a PR agency.

So, take your employees out of their comfort zone every now and then – you’ll see them grow as a consequence.